The Patch

When I came home my neighbours shout
Your service and your wounds don't count
Your presence here we do not need
Your type this country should not breed

With pain I ask what is wrong
That I did fight the Viet cong
So many mates did give their lives
So our yellow neighbour could survive

We were so young and innocent
When to Vietnam we were sent
Our lives and bodies torn apart
Our greatest efforts not worth a fart

My daddy said to me, my son
Be proud of the job that you have done
You served your nations hour of need
There is no shame in such a deed

With one hundred thousand of our mates
You marched up to the firey gates
In answer to your country's call
You were prepared to give your all

Five and twenty years have come and gone
With very little to right the wrong
But now I ride with mates of old
A bunch of blokes with hearts of gold

Down this nations roads we roll
We wear a patch that says it all
A skull and hat on a field of black
We show it proudly on our back

The slouch hat says to one and all
A digger here stands proud and tall
The skull for mates no longer here
Who's eternal memory we hold dear

The field of black a token sad
Of all you neighbours who did us bad
The writing gold stands out so bold
This tells of mateship, solid gold

A team rides down life’s highway
To hell with you and all you say
I've been to hell because of you
To save your homes we lost a few

Twelve times as many you did kill
As died when stationed on that hill
At Nui. Dat we did our job
Yet you, You scum our pride did rob

For politics you sold us out
You marched and screamed you bloody lout
You called for peace you hypocrite
So that in parliament you could sit

You cannot ride with us today
You haven't got the guts to pay
The price we paid was bloody high
But none of you will tell us why

We'll ride our bikes and find our mates
We'll open up the bloody gates
When you see us think of your shame
You cannot take from us our name

Vietnam Veterans one and all
We stand and ride so bloody tall
That's what we take when out we ride.

-- Bandit September 1991 RAE --

Vietnam Veterans MC - Queensland Chapter Inc. © 2004. All Rights Reserved